Saturday, 26 September 2009

Work work work + i'm not dead

Just wanted to apologize for not being active as much as I promised I would be :( I feel terrible about that and I promise I will post more in the future. I'm just waiting for some days to end since I'm workind the whole day 4 days in a row. And I'm feeling kinda tired and sleepy. And at the top of it my bf finally got home from the graduation trip and I today after work I will finally see him. I miss him so much ;(

I have some material to post and some topics to discuss. And some stuff to show, too.

So have some lovely days and enjoy life ;)

Ashru :D

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Syoss shampoo review

The 2nd post! Can't believe it! :D

So, I will start with something simple. I'm dying my hair for about 12 years now. My natural color is some kind of brown, but not the vivid one, but the one with some grey in it. A color that I simply hate. So first I tryed with some red colors and loved it (I'll post some pics asap)! Then I continued with black which was just a way of showing my really bad mood. I was black for less than a year. Then again with red colors. Then something hit my head and I went blond. Like the very very light blond. Then chocolate brown. And now I'm honey blond and I feel great! xD That's why my hair need more attention.

At the beginning I was all about Nivea products and Subrina which are not bad products at all, but they didn't gave me the right feeling. I was really surprised when I started to use Palmolive balsam and the shampoo too. My hair was all shiny and soft again! But after some time the result was bad again. That's why I had about 3 balsams and 3 shampoos because every time I used another one. But some months ago I was at my hairstylist and she racommended me a new line of hair products, which are considered professional but not as expensive as the ones that you can buy only at your hairstylist. The name is Syoss (hope I'm not the only one using it) and after trying only the shampoo fot colored hair I just love it!

This is the whole line

And this is the one I'm using

The package is very comfty and the shampoo scent reminds me of chocolate! (this is not a good thing coz I'm kind of a choco-holic). Is really makes your hair shiny and soft and they really look healthy. I'll go with the balsam too in the future ;)

- not so expensive
- smells really nice (go chocolate!)
- it lasts
- the hair looks really healthy

Negative: I can't see any ;)

Hope this review helped you. I really recommend it to everyone!

And now I must go because it's late and I have so much to do :S

Smile'n'Shine! ^^ Urša

Friday, 26 June 2009

For the start...

I was kinda inspired by the blog cherrycolors by Tamara and I decided to start one myself. Not the same stuff, but a bit of reviews, mumbling about make-up stuff and so on...

My name is Urša and I'm a big fan of nice little products, especially of make-up products. I love them and I use them daily. Maybe not the whole procedure with the foundation and so on, but I use at least the concealer an mascara. And the gloss or lipstick is on daily bases all the time. I'm an artist by nature so it's not big surprise I love to paint my face and nails and do stuff like this to others. I've started some blogs years ago, but never finished them or updated them frequently. I believe I can do it now :)

So wish me luck and I'll try my best to be here at least every second day. But first I have to understand how to post photos and some similar things...

A big hug to everyone who's reading this! ;)