Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Concealers - pt.2

Hello everyone!

Finally I'm writing the second part of my personal concealers review. I'm really really working on posting more, but I just can't find words to write or other. But luckily "more blogging" is on my list of New Year's resolutions list :D

So let's continue...

5.) Max Factor Mastertouch Under-eye concealer

It's a nice tube with the so-called brush, just the one that's usually with glosses. It's creamy and very easy to apply.
The colour is 306 fair and it's the best suitable for me, eventho it's still too yellow. Max Factor in general have concealers and foundations that are a bit too yellow for my tone.

Bare eye again...

...and "concealed".

Verdict: 6/10
It's a good concealer and it stays on most of the day, but I can't give it more than 6 because there just is not any colour that would work perfectly for me.


6.) Maybelline Affinitone concealer

It comes in a tube with a really plastic feel and with the gloss-like brush. It's very easy to apply with it's creamy finish. Evene the colour is working great for me (02 natural) and pinkish enough for me. It's working even more with the Maybelline foundation from the same edition (Affinitone).

Verdict: 9/10
It stays on quite a long time, but with my occasional "cold times" tears (when it's cold and one of my eyes just starts to "cry") can be smudgged very easily. Too easily.


7.) Nivea Stay on cover stick

It's a stick. And, honestly, I don't really know how to work well with theese. I got it free with the Matt Nivea foundation, otherwise I wouldn't buy it by myself.

Surprisingly the colour works for me (08 nude). I just apply it with the stickjust making some bold spots and then smudge it with the concealer brush.

Verdict: 8/10
I hate sticks and that's all that I don't really like about this product. Anyway it's a great deal with people who like this kind of products.

8.) Yves Saint Laurent Touche eclat/radiant touch

It comes in a gold like tube with a simple soft brush. You have ti pump it at the end to squeeze the colour out. I usually use 3 pumps or 2. This can be used as a concealer or just a highlighter.

I think that when rebuying this product I got the worng colour. This is 01, but I think that firstly I used a 02. The problem is that the number of the colour is written only on the package and not on the tube of the concealer. So girls be careful! This colour is a bit too light for me, so I usually use it as a highlighter.

Used as a concealer...

...and as a highlighter (brow bones, under eye, cheekbones, inner eye corners, top of the nose, centre of the forhead, around nose, under nose, under lower lip).

Verdict: 7/10
It works well as a highlighter, and the texture is great, but it's way too expensive (around 30€). Well, at least for a normal student this is quite a lot of money. The last one lastedf for about 6 months.

So I'm finally over with the concealers part, and I'll continue with primers :)

Have a nice day ladies and have fun! :D It's almost new year's! ;)



kirstyb said...

my fave is soap and glory x


I like the brush application the most ( ysl 2 too)

Daisy said...

great post, very interesting. thanks :)

xoxo Daisy