Monday, 8 October 2012


This is a topic that I have in my mind for quite a while now... and it's COLLARS. The fashion kind of collars. Like this one:

For like a year now, may fashionistas, bloggers and so on got completely mad about them. And, sincerely, I actually get the fascination. They are a nice accessorie to add, a nice alternative to a simple necklace. 6 months ago I wanted to get me one, too. But then it got me.
I'm kinda feminist and I was thinking about the simbolism behind the collars on the dresses. And after that I chose not to buy one. I don't think that a collar is a good thing for a woman. It's like we are going backwards with our freedom in a way. Back to the old ways, when all the dresses had collars that made everything seem so serious and kinda closed. It was forbiden to show legs, hands, sometimes even hair, and of corse a natural beautiful cleavage. The collar was just the cherry on top to make everything look sweet and proper. And this is the main reason why this topic bothers me.

Women achieved so many things in years and now with this kind of fashion we are just denying our freedom. Ok, I get the "fashion" aspect, I really do. But why should we bound ourselves again?

Let me know what you think.

I'm gone to Phillips Fashion Week here in Slovenija in Ljubljana, so the next post it's gonna be about that. Hope I'll se great creations and meet some new wanderful people!

Meanwhile, have a great time and be cool to yourself!

XOXO Urshiusz

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