Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hair colour metamorphosis

Hello to everyone!

I've been absent in the past few weeks mainly because of uni and work, which is taking most of my day lately. But I'm managing on having more time for myself and I'm working on my organisational skills to achieve what I want in my day.

I was talking in one of the posts about how important my hair colour is for me and how it does reflect my mood and state of mind. This is still true. So I wanted to show u how this thing has changed in the years. I focused on putting just one pic of every hair change.

So, as u can see, I had my natural colour untill the parent's divorce happened, that's when I dyed my hair black coz I felt like this. After some time I was feeling better and I tried to turn red again, but it wasn't easy. In the end I just turned blonde coz I was never blonde before. Then I kinda felt good with myself so I turned into some dark chocolate thing. But then I had some problems again and just instantly decided to go into a sahara blonde phase. Then it was just abaut fringe-yes or fringe-no. Then, when my relationship finished, I turned to the Tabasco red dye and I felt better then ever, but the colour faded to quickly, so Tthen I dyed them into some more dark reddish and just left it there to fade. Now I have my natural brown colour, I just added some strange blonde highlights, butthey can't be seen on the last picture. I have the fringe on the side and I finally feel myself again after 7 years!

U can easily see my weight ups and downs too. Right now I'm working on loosing my weight coz I just don't feel right. Eventho I'm managing my weight quite well with clothes and so on, I don't feel like me. I was always slim, just a normal slim girl. Maybe with a bit of ass, but that's just my body structure. I'll never have a small ass. But, like I said, I'm working on getting in shape again :) ATM I'm trying to eat 4 or 5 meals per day and I'm using the blood group diet. Some years back it worked, so I guess it will work again and I hope I'll just eat regulary this way.

Well, that's all for today coz I'm finishing my coffee and then I'll get ready for work :)

Have a niiiiiice warm sunny days pl :D

Ursha <3

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Sassi said...

love that post! so interesting to see how you changed!