Sunday, 31 October 2010

Here again...

Ok right... don't try to kill me. I was soooo absent that it isn't even funny anymore... and I'm again so sorry. But I'm working on a project right now that will involve a lot of posts from me from today :D

Some weeks ago I was thinking about what I wanted to write about and because I'm in a bad financial situation right now, I can't really do great reviews about new products, unless I would rob a store :P And atm I don't intend to do that. And I was cleaning my bathroom and just cleaning all the cosmetics and categorizing it in places by the type... and then it came to me! I could first review all of the cosmetics I posess! And you'll see from the pictures that there's a lot of crap to review :D But let's just skip to the pictures :)

This is actually my make up space with most of my stuff.

Up from left to right: blushers/bronzers/glitter gels, primers, concealers.
Second from up from left to right: eyepencils, liguid eyeliners, coloured mascaras, palettes with 4 or more colours.
Third up from left to right: creamy eyeshadows, yellow-brownishes, red-pinkishes, green-blues, white-darkishes, 3 or 2 colours mini palettes.
Down row from left to right: eyeshadows in pencils, black mascaras.

My foundations and powder foundations + my bigger palettes.

These are my glosses and lipsticks and an extra big palette.

These are the brushes I use and I really must find a better storage :/

So from what you have just seen it's obvious that I'm a huge make-up fan and that I practise it. But for now just for fun. I have still to study some material about make-up stuff. I will add another picture about my hair and skin products:

From left to right clockwise: hair products, face products, body creams and oils, some more body products, some more hair sprays, peroxide for my eyebrows (I'm lightening them-you'll see!), hair waxes.

I'll start with the concealers section and I'll continue with the order of my make-up storage :) Please, you must tell me if I'm uploading too big pictures, or I'm not reviewing well and stuff... and you can compliment even ;P I want to do a good job here!

So for now take care and just have fun with yourself! :D


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