Friday, 30 December 2011


First of all... Merry Christmas to everyone! I, personally, don't give a damn about it. I'm not religious in that way, so that's the main reason why I chose to work on December 25th. I'm in a festive mood, though, so I'm screwed when we're talking about gifts.

I LOVEEEE buying gifts for the people I care about! I always get carried away. And in the end I'm sooo out if money that I just sit down and cry and promise to myself that I won't be that kind to my ppl next time. (I think these is no need to say, that I always betray maslef on that one...) Anyway, I've been busy working and doing stuff for Uni, and, ofc, thinking about gifts. And I decided to make something. And eyesterday I made a cake with a friend for our mutual friend who celebrated her 25th birthday. She hates the colour pink, so that's why the cake was sooo pinkish, so that she could never forget that day ;)

With gifts it's kinda usefull to have some inspiration. This magic moment, that usually solves the problem, can happen in the store while circulating thru the shelves and almost give up the search for the perfect gift, or by looking at something that can inspire you. Other bloggers would call that inspirational photos. I have them, too. But not in a folder on the PC, but I surelly can sucessfully find inspiration while browsing thru deviantART (dA). That's and art community, which includes all kinds of media. I'm a part of that too. But I have an artists block since the year 2008. I'm recovering by forcing myself to do some shots with the camera, or with drawing. And today I wanna do one of those inspirational posts. Whyt u'll see is my eternal inspiration from my "Favourites" folder on my dA account.

All photos are from deviantART and none of them were made by me.

Well, I hope that maybe I've helped someone with some inspiration or just simple drooling on these eyecandis :D

Keep it real!

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