Thursday, 2 February 2012

Facts and resolutions and bla bla bla

Okay. January is here. It's cold. It sux. At least for me. I'm a lover of heat and sun and sunny melting :D

I'll start with my NYs resolutions. To be sencere, I've actually never made some... like, NEVER. But this year I promised myself that I will write some and at least TRY to follow them. Let me show you what I wrote down:
- put more effort into Uni stuff (this one is hard...)
- keep my flower allive (I'm so bad at gardening and flowers... they almost always die. but I got one for my b-day 2 years ago and it's still allove)
- let BiBi bite me more and play more with him (he's my sweet kitty, my roomate and one of the most important men in my life; I'll do a post about him someday)
-  lean to cut my hear by myself perfectly (I have bangs now and I learned to cut them the way I like it)
- not to dye ma hair at least till my b-day, that is the 4th of April (I'm addicted to dying ma hair coz I hate my natural colour; a post follows about that too)
- be more nice to strangers when I go out dancing (I'm a real bitch with strange guys, with looks and phisical stuff)
- learn to have fun when going out and drink only one glass of alcohol (just for having fun, not to be almost drunk every time)
- at least once per week have some time just for myself (spoiling myself with food, baths, etc...)
- more running, at least once per week (eek... I already failed at this one, but I'l recover!
- 1 blog post per week (no comment)
- clean up my flat till the end of January (let's say I've completed this one... let's say...)
- anger management (I have too much anger)
- paying bills constantly (I have a bad habbit of "forgetting about bills")
- buy only the things I REALLY need (yeah... I guess I'm not the only one at this point...)
- to find something that made me smile and feel good daily (:D)
- delete the "black lists of people" in my head (I have those)

All in all I'm a good girl. I study and work and live by myself. And I' surviving with a sencere smile on my face. So I guess I'm at a good point of my life :D Ofc there are some stuff that botheres me... for example when I'm reading blogs and there are blogs where the pictures don't show immediately... I get so angry every time that my page jumps back... I'm rambling.

NewYear's was better than expected. I went to the capital (Ljubljana) with a friend and there we met more friends and had a mini dinner and than went onto the central square and then we went on a mini house party and it was fantastic!
I'll show you a photo of me there... yes, you can laugh.

yes, that's me and I have a strange face and bunny ears.
This is my natural hair colour with some reddish in it. I use a special kinda colouring shampoo, which doesn't count as hair dye for me. Ha!

What else can I say... ah yes! I have exams! 3 to go! Yay for me! *killing myself* I don't study much, but when I do, I do it for real! And I'm used to have maaaaaany brakes :D Too many.

Atm I'm listening to Lana del Rey's CD. I expected muuuch more from it. I even bought it! But oh well... I can't have it all, can I? I had a real addiction to Born To Die/Blue Jeans/Video Games/Kinda Outta Luck for a week and something. Every day I played those songs for, like, 15 times and tried to "sing" to them. Which sounded awful.

I'm working a lot lately, which is good for my wallet. But I eat a lot, too. I gained too much weight in the last year. But I'm working on it.

Well gals and boyz, for now this is it :) I promise a more focused post next time ;)

Sweet dreamz ***


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